Rocks And Stocks News Adds Sokoman Minerals As Website Sponsor

Over the past couple years Newfoundland has become a hotbed of Canadian gold exploration. The new website sponsor of Rocks And Stocks News is Sokoman Minerals (SIC.V) was an early mover into this region. A few years ago they made a high-grade gold discovery and have been hard at work to understand the controls of how the gold they have found made its way to the surface.

New Found Gold (NFG.V) has caught the markets attention with their high-grade gold discovery in Newfoundland and started a gold rush into the province. Rightfully so as it looks like they are onto something special that has all the geological similarities to Kirkland Lakes high-grade gold Swan zone at their Fosterville mine. Sokoman’s Moosehead project has those same characteristics. What makes these projects impressive is they look like they can find a zone similar to the Swan zone much closer to the surface.

Another thing these two companies have in common is big investments from Eric Sprott. He made a lot of money off Kirkland Lake which did extremely well because of mining their Swan zone discovery. It is not a big zone, but very high-grade and low mining costs making it a very high margin mine. Eric Sprott is placing a lot of bets on the Newfoundland gold exploration scene for good reason as plenty of explorers are in the right kind of rocks as the Swan zone.

At Fosterville there was mining for a couple decades before the Swan zone was discovered and made into a cash machine. What helped them make the discovery was drilling deeper to understand the faulting and controls on the gold mineralizing system. At Sokoman’s Moosehead project there had been drilling that produced a near surface resource in the past by previous owners. Sokoman took a different approach and found high-grade gold beside the resource on the other side of a key fault. I’ve been saying for a while that the discovery of high-grade gold and the drilling is helping them understand the system and when they figure out the system it will help them break things wide open.

It looks like they are at that point in time. Systems like the Swan zone are complex with significant faulting. They obviously are not easy to find. Sokoman has all the hallmarks of a Swan zone kind of discovery. They are in the right kinds of rock, and have hit lots of high-grade gold. The Swan zone is very small, but it is extremely high-grade and took years to discover.

Tim Froude and his team have been at it for a few years, searching near the resource area. They are moving closer to understanding the system. Prior to writing this article, I had a chance to speak with Tim.

A few things stood out from that conversation. One is that they are making new discoveries that could be linked. Secondly, they think that they may not have to go as deep as they did at Fosterville. Finally, the barge drilling they have ready to start could lead them to unlocking the high-grade gold system.

For those that like to look at charts, the recent trends are indicating something exciting is brewing. Back in March, I did an online exploration conference that Sokoman was one of the sponsors and we did a great interview you can find here. At that time the stock was trading around 20 cents. Shortly after the show, Sokoman’s stock went on a big run that took it to 77 cents in a few months. After reaching that peak, it gave back some of those gains. Coming down to around its current level of a little over 40 cents. This level is important as it was a key resistance level during the run to the high. It looks like that former resistance level is now a crucial support level. Another bullish sign is that the volume on the run was much higher than in the pullback.

I decided to do that conference because back then the gold and silver exploration stock were underloved and trading at cheap valuations. Gold had made a high of over $2000 in August 2020, then went on a multiple month correction and made an important bottom around $1700. After making a double bottom it went on a rally taking it to $1900 range. The correction caused the weakness in the gold stocks. Here we are again, gold is trading around $1700, it looks very oversold and the gold stocks from explorers to miners are trading at very cheap valuations.

On a seasonality front, we are in the summer doldrums that also causes weakness in the gold stocks. Things are shaping up much like the summer of 2020 when gold took off. With the bargain valuations in gold stocks, I think we are at a juncture that will lead gold and gold stocks much higher.

Timing is everything in investing, and the timing to me looks very bullish for gold and gold stocks. So I decided it was time to open up my website to sponsorship to enable me to crank up reporting on opportunities I spot in the sector. I’m pleased to report that Sokoman Minerals has taken me up on the offer and are a new sponsor for my website at Rocks And Stocks News.

The first coverage for Sokoman is this sponsorship announcement. Next up Tim Froude and I will do an interview shortly to discuss their recent drilling and upcoming drilling from the barge they have ready to go. Following that, in early September I suspect investors will be coming back into the sector and I want to highlight them again to help investors better understand the Sokoman story.

Following this coverage in the short term, I expect Sokoman to start having important drilling results out. We will do interviews to discuss those results as I can envision they will have big results to talk about.

I’m a big fan of the discovery Tim Froude and his team have made. He is a Newfoundland based geologist that lives not far from the Moosehead project which is well located beside a highway. They are in an area with great infrastructure that is literally in Tim’s backyard where he grew up and lives.

As is always the case, whether it comes to companies I cover or sponsors of my work, it all is about what the drilling with the truth machine has revealed. So far they hit all the key checkmarks. Good infrastructure, strong team with plenty of knowledge about the geology, high-grade hits with the truth machine, important understanding of how the gold got there, and new drilling to help them make an impressive high-grade discovery on a project with all the hallmarks of another world class gold mine.

I invite you to do your homework, check out their stock chart, and the news releases on their website where you will also find additional information to help you make an informed investment decision. Plus, stay tuned for more coverage as we will help get the story out.

The gold exploration sector is a small community, word of mouth promotion is crucial. Any efforts you can make to help get our reports out, and inform others of the Sokoman story is greatly appreciated.

All the best,

Allan Barry Laboucan

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P.S. My reports are for information purposes only, before making any investment decisions it is important to do your homework and speak with your financial advisers.

The reports are for information purposes only, before making any investment decisions it is important to speak with your financial advisors and do your own homework on the companies.