News With Views

My own company, Advance Gold, where I’m CEO made the news today. A couple takeaways from the news are that we are increasing our drilling length on our current hole and doing additional geophysics in a key portion of our big geophysical anomaly. We have drilled so far and found sulphides along the anomaly, including stacked layers of disseminated sulphides which are what is seen in VMS deposits. Now our search is for the plumbing system for the sulphide system. We have a small share count and are tightly held, with a tiny valuation and plenty of catalysts that can move the needle.

Ascot Resources, has a lot of stock out, a healthy to pricey valuation, and have just put out very good drill results. In this kind of a situation, I would only look at them for trading purposes. One also has to keep in mind they are a Golden Triangle play so can only work for a few months of the year. 

Arizona Star has come to life over the past few weeks. Recent news in that time period are metallurgical test work, adding a core rig, and then today they announced a new project deal. All interesting stuff, they are a member of the Rocks And Stocks News Index as I have picked them in the past. Stay tuned for more news, it looks like they are busy and the market is listening.

Not many base metals stocks on my list these days, Fireweed Zinc is the exception and are on the Rocks And Stocks News Index. I picked them because they have a tight stock, modest valuation and really good ground. They had a good news release today, with the key takeaway for me is that they will focus on the big hit they made last year with a big intersection of high-grade that is at surface. Making for a fantastic open pit target. Stock looks primed to go higher with plenty of catalysts upcoming.

Probe Metals makes the spotlight on news today, due to the excellent drill results. They put them out on a day when gold is down, so the timing wasn’t in their favour. But, the drill results certainly are as they are hitting high-grade gold over nice intersections. Immediate action after the news went out is overly negative and expect this to move higher.

There you have it, another edition of news that caught my eye.

The reports are for information purposes only, before making any investment decisions it is important to speak with your financial advisors and do your own homework on the companies.