Eye Catching News

For many moons Warren Buffett has been negative on gold, so his recent move to buy a chunk of Barrick stock caught the mining investing community by surprise. As it should. This is a major shift that speaks of his concerns with financial stocks as he has been selling those while buying Barrick.

Not only did it catch the mining community by surprise, it brought up questions from Wall Street stock bulls, is uncle Warren negative on the American economy. He should be, stocks are priced for perfection and they ain’t delivering on the earnings side. The market is very susceptible to a major crash.

Kirkland Lake and Newmont come to terms to create a strategic alliance to jointly explore their respective projects in Timmins. There are some other goodies attached to the deal, check out the news release. Sounds good on paper, get more heads together for exploration. Let’s see how this works out.

Marathon Gold delivered some interesting news today, which was good timing with the Buffett Gold Rally today. They are making some nice hits with their drilling, they definitely have an exciting project. It is run by Matt Manson who was part of the team that brought us the Stornoway Diamond debacle. But, he has brushed himself off and has an exciting gold play on his hands. Stock chart looks pretty solid, looks like it has a bit of clear sailing ahead.

Pretium Gold has been a pick of mine many times over the years, ever since they were only a few bucks per share. They have a very impressive high-grade gold mine and with gold going higher, it has driven their free cash flow to record levels. How is this for a headline on the news release “Pretium Reports Second Quarter 2020 Operating and Financial Results; Strong Production at Brucejack Generates Record Free Cash Flow.” Has a nice ring to it.

Sirios Resources was up 25% today on the drilling news from their Cheechoo project in Quebec. I like the guys running this company, very serious rock guys. They have been kind to me in the past as a sponsor of my website. Cheechoo is interesting as a big open pit target, with the added potential potential of high-grade outside the known resource. Whenever they drill that high-grade zone, the market likes it. I guess the market like me likes the high-grade gold.

There you have it, a quick look at the top mining news today.

The reports are for information purposes only, before making any investment decisions it is important to speak with your financial advisors and do your own homework on the companies.