Rocks And Stocks News Conference
"The Junior Miner"
February 15, 2021

The Rocks and Stocks News conference series are virtual events designed to bring together companies, investors and all parties related to the global mining industry. They are designed to share information and bring together industry experts for discussions about the industry. Our first conference “The Junior Miner” will focus on junior mining and the role these companies play in the mining ecosystem. It will be hosted by Advance Gold CEO, Allan Barry Laboucan.

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Allan Barry Laboucan - Moderator
Allan is a First Nations mining entrepreneur that started working in the mining sector in 1993 as consultant in investor relations, strategic planning and digital marketing. During his career he has worked with some of the most talented people in geosciences that have mentored him throughout his career. In 2005, Allan founded Allan Barry Reports. His reports are highly respected with some of the top talent in the sector appearing as guests on his online shows broadcast on his website.


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