Message From Allan Barry Laboucan:

Originally I caught gold fever and treasure hunting from my grandmother when I was a young boy. We had relatives north of Vancouver, she would go up there to pan for gold. And often back with some gold, sure it was a small amount of gold, I thought it was magic. In 1993, I entered the mining business as a consultant to exploration focused companies, the real treasure hunters of the mining business. I helped them with their corporate communication and strategic planning. It was my job to help write news releases, prepare marketing material, attend conferences and assist in getting their story out to investors.

After many years as a consultant to exploration companies, in 2005 I launched the Allan Barry Reports as an email newsletter to friends, family and business associates. I started the reports because I thought a lot of my friends in the business were doing really great stuff and not getting recognized. Or sometimes they were getting recognized and getting a negative slant to their stories.

After a year of writing my reports, I got a fortunate break when one of my readers who was also host on BNN, Canada's business television channel,  asked if I would like to come on their TV show to discuss my reports and stocks I follow. I appeared several times on BNN for my opinion until around 2012.

Not long after, the brokerage industry in Vancouver and Toronto, which were world leaders in funding mining and exploration, started getting into crypto currencies and then marijuana stocks. They also abandoned the mining scene making for less analysts following the sector. Less analyst, means less brokerage house analysts commenting on the industry.

So here we are with a new bull market for gold stocks and yet the national business media and brokerage industry are leaving a void for research, commentary and analysis. Over my years in the business I have become an excellent filter to present those with good news, and help break it down from geospeak to investor speak.

You will be able to find plenty of news at Rocks and Stocks News. But, the real secret sauce will be tuning in for our reports about news to allow us to help investors find the key news that can help them make money.

What sets me apart from my peers that do market commentary on the sector is that I not only comment on the sector, I also do exploration as I am the CEO of Advance Gold Corp. I spend a lot of my days raising money for drilling, or drilling looking for precious metals. Thank you for checking out the website and I hope we can keep you coming back for my curated news and my commentary on the news that matters in the mining exploration scene.

Allan Barry Laboucan
Rocks and Stocks News